Different Types Of Polyurethane Finishes

If the paint is chipping, it could cause the varnish to fail pre-maturely. Also, oil-based finishes tend to amber over time. And that will affect the color of the seats. Depending on the final look you want, this may or may not be an issue. One thing you might consider is simply re-painting the chairs.

The product is a clear coat, and as with pretty much all varnish products, it has an amber hue to it. This usually brings a sense of “warmth” to the project. But on a stained piece like your door, it won’t really be all that noticeable. Unless you add some sort of dye to the mix, you won’t be really changing the color at all. I don’t really have a specific brand recommendation for you, but I will suggest you go for an oil-based outdoor stain. Head to your local Sherwin William and ask what they have in outdoor stains.

How To Whitewash Stain Video Tutorial

But you also need to keep in mind the oil-based stuff will bring a yellow/amber color with it. So if it were me, I would probably do some very very light sprayed coats of blonde shellac. Then follow up with a few coats of a water based product. In general, the more coats you apply, the more protection the door will enjoy. And especially if you applied a stain, you are going to want to protect the stain layer from abrasion, scratching and wear. So I would probably apply a total of 3 coats.

minwax vs varathane

After this project was complete we found out that “clear” does not mean “clear” in the world of stain, apparently. We were not aware of this as none of the local home improvement stores carried “crystal clear” in any product to even know that it existed. This is probably why our “clear” stain/finishes all seemed to alter the wood’s color. Using a sanding block for polyurethane will require great care.


I might also suggest trying a higher quality spar urethane that will last alot longer than the Helmsmans. If you want to learn more about my particular finishing method, you should check out my video A Simple Varnish Finish. My goal with the video was to demystify finishing by going over each and every step of the wiping varnish process. Even someone new to the world of finishing can create a show-stopping finish if they follow the methods outlined in the video. And for those that are wondering what my preferred outdoor varnish is, its Epifanes Marine Varnish.

If your floor will be subject to heavy traffic, an oil-based poly is the more durable choice. If you want to keep the wood’s natural look and are willing to go with the less durable option, a water-based poly is what you’re looking for. This goes for anything with oil in it, whether an oil-based finish like Waterlox or Watco , or any kind of oil-based polyurethane. The process is the same for any homemade type of oil finish.

Spar Urethane And Polyurethane: Pros Vs Cons

That’s why varnish is generally one of the most durable finishes the average person has access to. While some claim to have success wiping water-based topcoats, I’m not one of them. If you need to do something other than HVLP, try a brush. You really shouldn’t have a problem using their water-based stain under the Epifanes.

  • A cured finish can usually accept an oil-based varnish on top of it if the surface is sufficiently clean, in good shape, and roughed up a bit with sandpaper.
  • I just painted my old 1/2 bath cabinet with regular acrylic paint & wonder what to seal them with.
  • It has a more depth – both in color and shine and it looks the way we expect hardwood to look.
  • I have been sanding in between coats with 220, then 320 paper.
  • A skin and chunks are a sign that the finish has already started curing in the can.
  • As for the epoxy, I suppose the UV would be an issue.
  • I was really surprised by how dark and even all the poplar wood samples turned out!
  • When you stir the product, use a stirring stick and stir in each direction about 100 time.
  • Then I stained it with another favorite Varathane product.

If bubbles form in the polyurethane finish, they will need to be removed. You can either wipe the coat of polyurethane that has bubbles in it with a cloth dipped in mineral spirits. Wiping over the coat for around 20 minutes should get rid of the bubbles without causing any damage to the polyurethane surface. The polyurethane dry time on this water-based product is much faster.

As a self proclaimed idiot myself, I feel that I have the authority to write such an aptly titled article. I plan to dumb it all down and simplify it as much as possible so woodworkers of all skill levels can hopefully can some knowledge. I do love my wood conditioner, and it’s even more important with a penetrating stain. Not all polyurethanes are created equally. The one I used had a window of time that didn’t require sanding before recoating.

With so many different polyurethane products and finishes out there, finding the right one can be a challenge. We have chosen three of the best polyurethane products below, each one in a different category. These will ensure the highest quality finish available. There is another option available though. This is an oil0-modified water-based polyurethane.

Minwax Spar is ok too if you use enough coats. I don’t have much experience with Varathane so I will stick my my usual recommendation of Epifanes. This post is all about thinning the varnish for easier application. But if you want the most protection possible, which it sounds like you do, I would follow the instructions on the can. The wood will surely last longer if you do. Just purchased a new unfinished mahogany door.

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The final tip concerns dealing with the cold appearance of most water-based finishes when compared to lacquers. Often a stain underneath takes care of this, but if you aren’t staining, you might want to add a little water-soluble dye to the finish to warm it up. Another difference from lacquer is that water-based finish tends to collect on the fluid nozzle right at the tip of the needle. This happens because the water-based finish isn’t being redissolved by the thinner. You need to be aware of this buildup and clean it off whenever it occurs or it could be blown onto the finish surface and leave a bump.

I JUST came across your blog like 2 days ago and it’s great. we have a church with a large sanctuary that has ceiling heights up to about 40 feet. It was built in the 60’s with stained wood toung-in-groove ceilings that look great. Last year we had to replace the air conditioning so it got hotter than usual in the sanctuary for several weeks.

Well, I came home from work the other night, saw the door and almost cried it looked so terrible. He used satin spar urethane to seal it and it dried cloudy with brush marks and huge drips everywhere and tons of white dried in all the knots. He left the door vertical while applying and didn’t even remove the hinges so it’s obvious to me he didn’t really know what he was doing. I don’t want him making it worse so I’m going to try and fix it myself. Spar urethane would be an excellent choice for that job.

Gel stain is designed to dry over a surface that’s not porous. But gel stain can sometimes be tricky to apply and you could end up with a mess on your hands. I’d step back and try to decide if the color difference is really work opening a new can of worms or if you can live with it. I’m painting a spar urethane on to the exterior of a well-preserved log cabin . but the unsure if oil or water bases product was used before, are there any adhesion concerns to watch for or a test to know which to use? I’m planning on Varithan ultimate spar urethane in an oil base.

This will hopefully help you see how Pine, Birch, Poplar, White Oak and Red Oak’s undertones play with different stain undertones. One does not even require to remove the paint from the surface and can administer Minwax Polyshades on top of it directly. Minwax PolyShades is one of the better products available in the market that can be used for staining raw wood or re-staining old wood. Ensure that wood fibers, dirt, and foreign elements are not present on the surface and in-between coats.

Differences Between Polycrylic & Polyurethane

It allows you to work faster and saves you time. This sprayer is a great choice for anyone that wants a device that is easy to carry around and travel with. The spray tip options are good, there are great adjustable settings, and the powerful battery will allow you to enjoy an excellent spraying experience. When choosing a polyurethane for your hardwood floor, consider the surface’s purpose and look.

minwax vs varathane

But the switch can be difficult because the application is different. Thanks for commenting Mabel, we’re always glad to hear our posts are enjoyed. We’re only a phone minwax vs varathane call or email away, so let us know if you have any questions about poly finishes. Hi, wow would love to try this, one question, is your copy an inkjet or laser print.

If you are after a safer and more environmentally-friendly option, then a water-based polyurethane is best. This type of varnish emits a low number of VOCs. These products are also self-leveling and faster to dry. However many coats of polyurethane you add, the process will be much quicker with a water-based product. A polyurethane coating offers a durable and clear finish for all kinds of different wooden surfaces.

Polyurethane spray can also make it easier to apply on wooden surfaces. The polyurethane finish should make your material scratch-proof and hard. Be cautious as polyurethane can become flammable in its liquid form and it takes a long time to harden between layers. Make sure you use undiluted varnish between layers and let each one dry for 24 hours.

Most non-professionals think that a 600 grit finish is fabulous. Keep at it until you are satisfied, and then wet-sand with the next higher grade of sandpaper . One of the difficulties in using spar urethane is that it doesn’t mix well with oil-based products like paint, especially paints with polyurethane.

As long as there isn’t too much stain in the finish, it should work fairly well. The poly could fill the scratches and make them very undetectable. But sometimes they are still visible since all you’re doing is throwing one coat on top of the other. So it depends on your particular situation. I’d say it’s worth trying another coat just to see what happens. If that doesn’t look good, you can always sand it back.

There’s no doubt that Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish is our top waterborne polyurethane product. It’s an oxygen crosslinked polyurethane that is proven to improve the look, feel, and durability of wood flooring. Bona’s installation process couldn’t be more user-friendly. You can apply the product using a variety of application techniques. The poly flows, levels, and de-foams excellently.

Varnish vs. Polyurethane – How to Choose – BobVila.com

Varnish vs. Polyurethane – How to Choose.

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